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 Parkour Rush Roll&Write Game

 Cyber Hack zines with 

logic-based challenges 

Cyber Hack #4 Feb 2024

We are pleased to present you with our zines, which feature 11 riddles/brainteasers designed around various principles of data encryption. These brainteasers range from simple logic-based riddles to established data encryption methods. 

The magazine provides clues and answers for all the riddles. In some cases, you may need to utilize online resources to solve the challenges.

You'll find the following techniques:

To start the challenge, you don't need any programming skills. The solutions and hints are already provided in the zine.

 Pocket Book: Crack the Code Challenges for 5E

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 Our first zine with 4 micro 

Board Games

 Exclusive Magazine with all the games and maps, along with QR codes for accessing rules and downloading PNP (Print and Play) PDF files for the games Micro Mars, The Kraken, Micro Mars PVP Edition, and Micro Journey.

 The zine will contain the following Games:

Micro Mars

Micro Journey (New)

Micro Mars PvP Edition

The Kraken

We worked for a whole year to create these 4 PNP (Print & Play) Games for you :) As a result, A4 Play is delighted to introduce a zine featuring an exclusive compilation of our games, including the brand-new game, Micro Journey.

A fantastic gift for board game enthusiasts, a portable magazine you can take with you anywhere.

 Wizard Elyndor zines with 

logic-based challenges 

We are pleased to present the zine ‘Wizard Elyndor’. In this game, your goal is to collect artifacts for the wizard to help him regain his powers. In this zine, you will find 7 maps and two challenges that have to do with spells that you have to use to overcome obstacles. 

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